Tuesday, March 5, 2013

'Poo Free, Not For Me...Final Recipe and Report

I have read all the reasons for going no 'poo, and it sounds fantastic.  You really have to stick with it though.  This is my second go around with no 'poo, and it is just not for me.  Yes, I know that if I truly stuck it out it would get better, but after doing much research, it seems that the one thing I hate the most will never get better.  What might that be you ask?  I HATE (with a passion) how my hair feels if I must blow dry it instead of letting it dry naturally.  There are just some days that drying naturally is just not an option.  When I blow dry my hair, it feels stiff and icky.  It seriously reminds me of hay it is that bad.  I, however, still have the desire to lessen the amount of chemicals in my life and on my body, so I started researching other options.  I had heard rumors of using coconut milk.  I don't know about you, but I am in LOVE with all things coconut.  Check it out, you will be too!

Here is the final recipe to shampoo with Baking Soda and condition with Apple Cider Vinegar
1 TBSP of baking soda to every cup of water
  • Get your hair wet.  The general consensus on the best way to apply it is with a squirt bottle such as an old dish detergent or even a Propel water bottle with the squirt top.  Make sure to shake it really, really well before you use it.  Apply it to your scalp and massage, focusing on your scalp only.  Rinse
 2 TBSP of ACV to every 1-2 cups of water, mix well
  • I put mine in a spray bottle and sprayed my entire head, even the scalp.  You can just stick to the ends if you would like.  It is rumored to help with the amount of oils in the adjustment period.

I am working on the coconut milk recipe now.  I am only two days in.  I currently love it much more.  I plan on updating as I go along and post the final recipe once I decide to keep it or kick it!  (I still have another recipe up my sleeve if this is a bust!)  I have two recipes, one from Crunchy Betty and one from Wellness Mama.  If you haven't, you should check out these two wonderful ladies.  I get a lot of my inspiration from them! 

Have a happy day!

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  1. I love coconut, too! Let us know if it works... I'd consider giving up shampoo for coconut :)